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A bi-weekly podcast hosted by Scott Forbes and Marc Battle

A podcast by two dads who are trained in child development. We answer your questions, feature special guests, and give you a platform to tell your stories about parenting, child care, or Marc's very scary beard. Follow us on all social media platforms @TABcast and if you could, give us a positive review on iTunes, it sure does help!

Scott Forbes and Marc Battle

Scott Forbes is a trained Early Childhood Educator, working in front line child care since 2008. He hosted the inaugural meeting of Young Advocates for Canada, a networking group for early service ECEs to connect with each other and find mentors in positions of advocacy and pedagogy in the child care community. Scott has an incredible wife and amazing child, both of whom are so happy to have him working on this podcast and not the renovations he promises he'll get to.

Marc Battle has a big scary beard and glasses. He likes the Boston Bruins and playing music (I think he prefers the harpsichord). He has spoken in every province and territory here in Canada about the vital importance of play and after serving the child care community for over a thousand years, he was awarded the "Friend of Child Care" award by the Manitoba Child Care Association in 20something-thing. He has a wonderfully kind and funny wife, and son whose good deeds have become local legends, and two dogs.


How can I support this amazing show?

Great question, glad you asked *finger guns*


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Send us a question or story

We have a wealth of knowledge here on the ol' #TABcast, and we'd love to share it with you! Our show is designed for ANYONE who spends time with kids, from parents to ECEs to mall Santas, and our show features some extremely impressive and knowledgeable guests, so hit us up! You can send us an email or post on our FB page with a question, or leave us your favourite Dad story on the DAD LINE.

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Marc and Scott, along with our sound engineer Ken, spend a lot of time working on this show, and your direct support helps us to continue to grow and develop the show.

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